Exterior CF Euro 6

The design of the DAF CF Euro 6. Sturdy, elegant and functional. Optimum aerodynamics ensure an ideal airflow and therefore low fuel consumption.

Exterior design

DAF New Euro 6 CF 2013077When developing the CF, DAF was clearly inspired by the qualities of the highly acclaimed Euro 6 XF. This is illustrated by the attractive exterior design. The prominent and nicely integrated upper and lower grille create a clear family resemblance, which is enhanced by the centrally positioned chrome panel with DAF logo.

The prominent and stylish grille contributes significantly to the efficient cooling of the engine for the lowest possible fuel consumption.


Exterior Lights

pic DAF New Euro 6 CF headlights 2013173A first in the truck industry is the optional LED technology for the headlights. With the largest light output, maximum life and minimal energy consumption.

The CF headlights have integrated daytime running lights as standard for excellent visibility during the day, with DAF's unique LED main lighting available as an option.





pic DAF New Euro 6 CF 2013175 2When designing the new CF, DAF paid much attention to optimising the air flow. The newly designed, galvanised steel bumper with integrated air guides contributes to better engine cooling and lowest possible fuel consumption. The mudguards, side fenders and side skirts have also been redesigned with a view to optimising aerodynamics and reducing dirt build up.
The new corner deflectors guide the airflow so that the handles of the doors stay clean. Much appreciated by the driver