The new CF offers tailor-made solutions. With the new 6.7 litre PACCAR PX-7 engine which will become available in the CF from the beginning of 2014 and with the 10.8 litre MX-11 and 12.9 litre MX-13 engine. From 210 kW / 290 hp to 375 kW/510 hp and with powerful engine brakes. With manual direct drive gearbox with overdrive, automated AS Tronic or even fully automated transmission. With a wide range of efficient PTOs for a multitude of applications.

Driveline DAF

PACCAR MX-13 Engine

For the most demanding applications, the CF can be equipped with the 12.9 liter PACCAR MX-13 Euro 6 engine. With power outputs of 300 kW/410 hp, 340 kW/460 hp or even 375 kW/510 horsepower and a fuel economy that is at the same level as DAF's ultra-efficient Euro 5 ATe engines.

The PACCAR MX-13 engine is a robust six-cylinder engine, which is characterized by high performance and maximum uptime. It is designed for a service life of up to 1.6 million kilometers and with service intervals of up to 150,000 kilometers. In international transport that comes down to only one service per year.

PACCAR MX 13 euro 6The common rail fuel injection system of the new Euro 6 PACCAR MX-13 engine allows high injection pressures of up to 2,500 bar, and provides the opportunity to use pre- and post-injection, or a combination of both. This results in a finer atomisation and many more opportunities to optimise combustion to ensure the lowest possible emission and noise levels, and the best possible fuel efficiency. Like the unique two pressure pomps, also ew and advanced engine software and new sensors and actuators are playing an important role in this regard. These systems now function even faster and more accurately to ensure that the optimum mixture of air, exhaust gases and fuel is injected at all times. This is also key to achieving maximum efficiency and low emissions.

 PACCAR MX-11 Engine

pic PACCAR MX 11 Euro 6

In developing the new 10.8 litre PACCAR MX engine, high performance, low weight and low fuel consumption were the main focus. In addition of course to reliability and service life, and optimum availability. The PACCAR MX-11 engine is available with outputs from 210 kW/290 hp to 320 kW/440 hp and is ideal for application in the distribution segment and for heavy applications where low weight and the lowest fuel consumption is of utmost importance.

The new six-cylinder PACCAR MX-11 engine is completely new off the drawing board. The engine with its double overhead camshafts is lightweight and compact. Thanks, among others, to a synthetic oil sump, a single multi-belt and a fan driven directly by the crankshaft.

PACCAR PX-7 Engine

pic PACCAR PX 7 Euro 6 engineEspecially suited for distribution applications, the new PACCAR PX-7 engine will become available in the CF from the beginning of 2014. The new 6.7 liter PACCAR PX engine is a compact six-cylinder engine, which also uses advanced common rail technology (injection pressures up to 1,800 bar), a turbo variable geometry and efficient exhaust after treatment system.

The new PX-7 engine will become available in the new CF with outputs of 164 kW/220 hp, 186 kW/250 hp, 208 kW/280 hp and 231 kW/310 hp. With torques of 850 to 1,100 Nm respectively. This ensures unprecedented driveability with favorable fuel consumption.

Exhaust gas After treatment System (EAS)

To meet the stringent Euro 6 emission requirements while ensuring the highest fuel efficiency, DAF has combined its advanced PACCAR Euro 6 engines with various exhaust gas after treatment technologies: an SCR catalytic converter and a diesel particulate filter.
Fuel injection system
Euro 6 MX EASThe ultra-modern common rail fuel injection system allows high pressures and enables the possibility for pre-and post-injection, or a combination of both to be applied. This produces a finer atomization of the fuel and many more possibilities to optimize combustion.






pic DAF New Euro 6 CF 06 A AS tronic ATC airco Radio 2The new Euro 6 CF comes with 5, 6, 9 or 12-speed manual transmissions as standard, depending on the model. A 16-speed manual gearbox is available as an option, which also goes for the AS Tronic automated transmissions with 6, 12 and 16-speeds.
The 12 and 16-speed AS Tronic gearboxes feature a number of specific functions unique to DAF, such as EcoRoll (which allows controlled downhill driving on a disengaged clutch, making maximum use of natural momentum) and Fast Shift for faster switching between upper gears for maximum efficiency.

Newly developed software and new sensors mean that the clutch action is very gradual and extremely smooth, resulting in excellent acceleration and manoeuvring characteristics.


A new, lighter rear axle is available on the Euro 6 CF for combination weights of up to 44 tonnes and engine torques of up to 2,300 Nm. The use of a Stabilink construction is a new feature. Integrating the anti-roll stabiliser function in the suspension of the rear axle creates optimum stiffness and stability and provides a substantial weight saving.

PACCAR MX 11 Euro 6 driveline 32 axle